All sausages are made in store by our experienced butchers. Only quality Ontario pork is used. We take custom orders for sausage. Large AND small orders welcome.

mild Italian sausage

Typical Italian flavour sausage without fennel seeds. We do custom orders of mild Italian with fennel seed.

hot Italian Sausage

Typical Italian flavour sausage with a couple shakes of chili peppers. We do custom orders of hot Italian sausage with fennel seed.

jalapeno & cheddar sausage

Full cheddar flavoured sausage with jalapeno heat.

texas jalapeno sausage

Jalapeno chunks with a medium heat.

Hot country sausage

Our second hottest sausage. Garlic base with oregano, chili flakes, and blazin' cayenne pepper. Great with pasta dishes.

eat at your own risk

Speaks for itself. Our hottest sausage yet.

Hungarian sausage

A mild Barbecue flavour. Great for all uses.

oktoberfest sausage

Pepper based sausage. Great on a bun.

Herb & onion sausage

Great blend of herbs and onions. Great as a beef sausage (custom orders only)

honey & garlic

Sweet with garlic. Very popular flavour.

garlic sausage

Delicious garlic flavour. Great on a bun or in a spaghetti sauce.

maple sausage

Canadian flavoured. Great on a bun or for breakfast.

Apple sausage

Chunks of delicious apples.

Roasted garlic & peppers sausage

Very flavourful spice combined with pork. This sausage is very versatile.

English bangers

A plain farmers sausage. Great for breakfast.

Bratwurst Sausage

Very mild flavour. Great on a bun.

Tomato & basil

A wonderful flavour. Great for spaghetti or on a bun.


Smoked sausage

  • Smoked garlic sausage

  • Super sausage

  • polish ham kolbassa


  • natural smoked kabanos

  • Spicy kabanos

  • hungarian

  • chicken & turkey Kabanos


  • mild pepperettes

  • hot pepperettes

  • jalapeno pepperettes

  • honey & garlic pepperettes

  • string pepperettes (pork, spicy pork, beef)